• Image of Metzengerstein "Albero Specchio" (LP)

The Metzengerstein, group of Tuscan origin, with members of the artistic collective Ambient-Noise Session, remind open and psychedelic combinations as the No Neck Blues Band, the Popol Vuh, the Sunburnd Hand Of the Man, the australians Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood and, going further back, the unforgotten team of the Iceburn Collective from Salt Lake City.
All this translates into a music with a strong ritual characterization and with a fascination for a kind of ancestral magnetism that draws from a mythological alphabet, older than the human civilization.
The Metzengerstein's music is hallucinated, since it borrows the tools of classic psychedelia, turning over its premises. The other-world might be stranger than the more acidic of the trip can ever imagine.
Albero Specchio is its relentless soundtrack.
(A. Comunale / SentireAscoltare)

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